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njDebugger, the expert Monkeys to fix your buggy web application.
We make appropriate enhancement on your project as you would prefer, perfect consultation regarding the application and generate reports suitable for your business.
Our another job is to provide full support for data-applications while you being totally focus on the business part.
This is the dedicated mission to help our worldwide clients, which has been started since Feb 2008. and we are up to date in our skills to all stable new technologies.


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Certain tasks need to be completed urgently on your web to stop your users or clients being disturbed?
When you are stuck in this difficult situation, we can be standing for you on European and Amerian Timezone, regardless of overnights or weekends.
We are ready to give you full paper live examination from our well known categories. Also we have proven experience of working with and fixing the third party raw-codes, messed up scripts.


Don't pay untill you'er satisfied!

Pay per your satisfaction. We are not for asking Christmas Bonus and Donations.


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I prefer to development in CakePHP (a PHP framework). It has user friendly URLs, supports multi-language, built-in caching for better performance, clean codes, flexible in selecting multiple database systems, scalable system that will leave room for growth. Its almost cooked, so the development period is 60% faster with bug free.

CakePHP Developer

CakePHP, CSS & jQuery / Prototype expert ready to complete your work on - Hire Me at

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